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What we do

Inês Barros, born in 1991, Braga, currently based in Lisbon, has a transdisciplinary practice, backed by an academic and professional background in Architecture, Plastic arts, and Design. She started her professional career in 2018 at Office for Political Innovation, exploring the intersection between art, design, and ecological critical thought. In 2020, she joined KWY studio, where she designed and produced spatial artworks, in collaboration with the Danish artists Superflex. During this period, she worked as a project manager, producer, designer, architect, and artist, with institutions such as V&A, Art Institute of Chicago, TBA21, Art2030, and Lego. She posteriorly worked as a researcher at Universidade do Minho and as Plastic Artist, resident in Associação Goela, where she started developing her personal art practice. Her work focuses on pondering speculative objects and spaces through the usage of biomaterials and mechanics. She is currently developing prototypes of speculative design through 3D printing and bio-design, working in close collaboration with FabLab Lisboa.


Atelier: Associação Goela, Rua dos Baldaques 47, Lisboa


2023  Inês Barros  Lisboa, Portugal

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